About Dr. Brett Richards

Dr. Brett Richards is the founder and President of Connective Intelligence Inc., a niche consultancy which specializes in the development of customized training and organizational development solutions in a wide range of industries, globally.Dr.BrettRichards

Brett offers deep expertise in executive and organizational development, team dynamics, innovation and strategic thinking. Brett works with an array of Fortune 500 companies, globally, including: Nestle, Roche, Samsung, Genentech, Merck, Gilead Health Sciences, Loblaw and many others. Alongside the clients he serves with Connective Intelligence, Brett is also a sought after industry practitioner instructor at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, affiliated with York University’s Business School.

Brett is a leading global Master Trainer in Effective Intelligence®, an international business-based system designed to improve individual and team thinking skills, and system-wide collaboration. Leveraging over 18 years of experience applying the concepts of thinking and organizational intelligence within a business context, Brett has developed and published a comprehensive suite of performance tools which he provides to a growing number of training and organizational development professionals around the world.

With a long time interest and academic training in emotional intelligence, he has also served as a Master Trainer and Coach with the EQ-i® (emotional quotient inventory) and is the developer of Emotional Power®, a practical business-based model used to apply the concepts of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Brett is a published business writer and successfully completed his Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems. Brett’s dissertation focused on organizational innovation and cognition, and he has developed a new empirical tool to assess an organization’s ability to innovate and transform called, the OGI® (Organizational Growth Indicator).